people planting a tree at The GAIA Sanctuary

Organic Permaculture Farm

We want to be the change we wish to see in this world. Our goal is self-sustainable by adopting Biodynamic, Organic & Permaculture farming principles. We believe in wholesome, healthy food & living and in making it more accessible to Consumers. 

Our goal is to become a destination training centre for others seeking to enrich their lives and practices through these principles. We aim to be an example to others that an Organic lifestyle and farming are attainable, possible and affordable when equipped with the proper knowledge and tools. 

Organic farming generally creates less soil and water pollution, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and is more energy efficient. Organic agriculture is associated with more unusual plants, animals, insects and microbes, biodiversity and genetic diversity. We have a large portion of our farm with Renosterveld, an endangered plant biome, which we plan to protect and further enhance by planting more of the original plant species that belong to this habitat, thereby improving its Biodiversity. We seek to test new alternative farming methods, such as vertical farming and aquaponics.

We want to leave the world in a better place than we how we found it, and we want to leave a legacy behind of an indigenous forest and nutrient-rich soil on our farm.

The area has a long history of settlement and food production, as well as commercial farming for export. We are just starting our journey, joining many locally who are finding ways to farm more in sync with nature and each other.

organic carrots
peas in a pod
kids at The GAIA Sanctuary

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Re-purpose

We believe in treading lightly on Mother Earth, leaving no trace. We aim to spread the message of reducing consumption of single-use plastics, recycling everything possible, and reusing and re-purposing old stuff into artworks/decor, to be creative. We want to engrain this into our children & create a ripple effect & help others to be more conscious in their purchasing decisions & actions.


The sun is a life giver and energy source. We aim to harness all the natural elements of the sun, water and wind to create and provide power. We would love to test the limits of new green sustainable power and invent some new solutions ourselves.