Booking T’s & C’s

  • 50% Deposit must be made immediately after booking. No booking is confirmed until deposit is received.
  • Balance 50% must be paid 1 week prior to arrival.
  • If booking is done within the week of arrival, full payment must be made upfront.
  • If cancelled the week prior to arrival, the deposit will be forfeited.

Check in information

  • Please kindly advise your hosts of your approximate check in time via email or whats app, please keep us updated if your check in time changes. 
  • The front gate will be left unlocked for your arrival, please do not lock the gate behind you, due to other guests also potentially arriving after you. 
  • The road inside our farm is a gravel road, please drive 30km or slower, and take care as we have rare geometric tortoises crossing the road that look like stones.
  • Drive straight down 1km until you pass the barn and two green containers on your left hand side. 
  • Just after these, the road with fork, and is sign posted to turn left to the campsite.
  • Go down the hill slowly, there are large speed bumps, drive slowly and at a slight angle over these.
  • At the bottom of the hill it is sign posted to turn left to the campsite.
  • We will meet you there to check you in.

Glampsite rules and indemnity

One Night Surcharge:

The A-frame cabin & the Bell tents have a minimum of a 2 night stay, however we do allow a 1 night stay with a minimal surcharge for the cleaning & linen laundry fee. When booking for a 1 night stay, please select the extra for the 1 night surcharge, under EXTRAS.

Pet disclaimer:

  • Pet rate is R50 per pet per night. When booking for a pet, please select the pet rate extra.
  • Pets have to receive prior approval before arriving at the Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd
  • Pets have to be well trained, socialized, and inoculated against rabies. 
  • Pet owners are responsible to clean up after your pets in a bag and discard in marked bin
  • Visitors to The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd with pets shall accept and acknowledge personal responsibility and liability for any injury or damage caused as a result of the wrongful or aggressive behaviour of their dog, whether the loss occurs as a result of biting, jumping, scratching, digging, wondering off, charging or any other behavior. You waive any and all rights that to institute legal proceedings to recover costs of any kind.

Glampsite rules:

  • No noisy vehicles are allowed without permission.
  • Use the marked recycling bins for tin, glass, plastic and cardboard.
  • Place all non-recyclables in marked non-recyclable bins.
  • Place any organic waste into the marked organic waste bins.
  • No loud music is allowed and no noise after 10pm.
  • Be considerate of other guests.
  • Minors are to be accompanied at all times, especially at the river.
  • Water is to be used consciously.
  • Fires are to be put out when no longer in use.
  • Kids must always wear an appropriate swimming support device (e.g. floaties, life jackets) while swimming in the river and always be accompanied by an adult
  • Please leave any communal areas (the kitchen, ablutions and fire pit area) as you found it.
  • Please do not leave all your personal items all over the glamping deck.
  • Smokers are to ensure all cigarette butts are safely disposed of in the bins provided and not on the ground or in the veld. Fires are high risk.
  • No walking on unmarked trails.
  • The tap water is not fit for consumption and do not be alarmed of the slight brown colouring as this is due to the natural tannins in the river.
  • Rocks going into the river are very slippery, please take care.
  • Be aware of snakes. In event of a snake bite, go straight to the Swellendam hospital & call a doctor whilst driving.
  • Please take extra caution with fires especially on windy days due to the fire hazard they present. If the fire is out of control, please use the fire hydrants provided.

Emergency Numbers

  • Police: 028 514 8100/ 10111
  • Swellendam Hospital: 028 514 1140/ 028 514 1141
  • Fire Department: 028 514 3980
  • Snake/Scorpion/Spider Bite Hotline: 021 931 6129
  • ER24: 084 124
  • Netcare 911: 082 911

The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd acceptance of risk and release of liability and waiver

  • Acceptance of Risk and Release of Liability and Waiver: Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this release and adherence to the established, Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd Rules & Regulations are conditions of the entering and use of these facilities.
  • Enter at own risk/warning. You, and any other persons (including your wards), or pets under your supervision/control, are entering this property at your own risk. Due to potential dangers posed by this property and some of the activities conducted hereon, you are advised to exercise extreme care and caution to ensure your safety along with those under your care. Please beware of natural dangers which may include but is not limited to the swimming in the river, steep river embankments, and wildlife such as spiders, snakes and other animals (including dogs).
  • Entry is strictly limited – trespassers will be prosecuted. Any person not invited onto or camping on the property by The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd, Directors, or their representatives, or attending an event on the property sanctioned by Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd, shall be trespassing and shall be subject to prosecution. As the right to admission is restricted and reserved, any person entering the property may be asked to leave the property should their presence be objectionable or may constitute a danger. Should such person refuse to leave, they shall be trespassing and their continued presence shall be unlawful. Any person entering the property also consents to have his or her person and or belongings searched, to ensure safety and security.
  • I do hereby acknowledge and accept that I have voluntarily applied to participate and utilise, with my pet(s) and ward(s), The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd located in Buffeljagsrivier, Swellendam. I fully understand and acknowledge that unleashing my pet and being physically present at The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd involves risk or injury to me, any individual accompanying me, minors, other persons, my dog(s) and another dog (s), including but not limited to risks resulting from aggressive pets, unpredictable behaviour and lack of proper training.
  • * I further understand and assume that despite the efforts of The Gaia Sanctuary to ensure owners have complied, there is a risk that not all pets present are licensed and vaccinated for rabies as required, by which could result in injury to a person or a pet.
  • Additional risks include, but are not limited to: pet fights; pet bites; theft or unlawful capture; escape over and under the fences, river, vegetation; burrs or seeds that may become lodged in the pet’s coat, feet, eyes, nose, or ears; mosquitoes; spiders; ticks; fleas and other insects; and wildlife typically found in the wild such as snakes; field mice; etc.
  • It is my understanding that usage of The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd is self-directed and shall not be directly supervised by an agent or employee of The Gaia Sanctuary.
  • I accept and acknowledge personal responsibility and liability for any injury or damage caused as a result of the wrongful or aggressive behaviour of my pet, whether the loss occurs as a result of biting, jumping, scratching, digging, wondering off, charging or any other behaviour. I do hereby waive any and all rights that I may have to institute legal proceedings to recover cost of any kind.
  • By entering and/or agreeing to these t’s & c’s, I hereby agree to indemnify The Gaia Sanctuary, its agents, officers, and employees and any volunteers from and against all loss, cost, damages, expense and liability resulting from my use of The Gaia Sanctuary, including death, sickness, injury, and disease to any person or pet, or destruction to property, real or personal, arising directly from my use of The Gaia Sanctuary Pty Ltd.
  • I do hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read this release of liability, and fully understand, agree with, and accept the terms and conditions that have been outlined above.